How Is BOX’D Different Than Other Group Catering Order & Delivery Services?

When ordering group catering — whether in a single location or at multiple sites nationwide — BOX’D has several distinctions that set us apart from other popular online services.

First and foremost, BOX’D specializes in large-volume group catering, with capabilities to deliver thousands of meals per event or work shift using our expansive network of vendors whom we have personally vetted for quality and reliability. While other food ordering and delivery services offer numerous vendor options to choose from, the local capabilities of these vendors in regard to order volumes, delivery reliability, and more are not always known — which can create issues when large numbers of meals are needed and/or delivery is required at odd hours.

Another key difference is that BOX’D has a small core team dedicated to each of our clients who will get to know your specific catering needs and proactively manage orders over time, work with you to customize menus based on a particular event or work shift, and act as your catering concierge when new needs arise. An account representative who is familiar with your account and orders will also be available via phone 24/7 in case of questions, order changes, delivery status updates, etc. This provides a direct line of communication regarding your orders that is more challenging (and sometimes not even possible) when going through other online ordering and delivery providers.

Should meals be needed simultaneously on a national level, BOX’D offers a single to point of contact through which to place orders — via email or online inquiry — and we will handle all delivery logistics and vendor communications to ensure the food is delivered at the appropriate time(s) nationwide. In addition, you don’t have to bother with multiple invoices and payment systems for different vendors across the country, as BOX’D offers consolidated billing through us alone to keep things simple.

Lastly, BOX’D does not have any service up-charges or hidden costs — the quotes we provide for standard or custom menus are all-inclusive of comprehensive order management, taxes, and delivery.

For more information about what makes BOX’D unique for group catering, or if you would like to inquire about an upcoming event or nationwide catering need, please feel free to reach out online or by telephone today to speak with a key member of our team.