Emergency/disaster Relief Catering

BOX’D doesn’t solely provide meals when skies are blue. Operating under the brand Emergency Relief Catering Company (ERCC), we have excellent capabilities in delivering large volumes of fresh box meals, shelf-stable meal kits, and more on short notice during times of emergency and/or for disaster relief nationwide.

Whether an area is shut down by a weather event, unrest, pandemic, or other circumstances, ERCC’s expansive vendor network puts us in a unique position to source and deliver meals without the limitations other emergency relief caterers may run into for large-volume orders and long-enduring events. Utilizing our national network allows us to offer uninterrupted large-volume services by activating a response at a regional level when needed. ERCC is proud to have delivered tens of thousands of meals for every major disaster since 2014 — totaling into the millions throughout this time.


For additional information on ERCC — including menu options, capabilities by FEMA region, and more — please click the button below to visit our website dedicated to emergency/disaster relief catering. Please make all emergency feeding inquiries through our ERCC website in order to be directed to the appropriate team, or call key staff 24/7 at 1-888-588-1402.